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Warranty Process

For over 60 years various Polyguard products have been designed and manufactured to specific industry and internal Polyguard standards. We are confident that if our products are used for their intended purpose and applied as we specify / recommend that our products will perform extremely well.

As a reflection of our confidence in our products Polyguard offers options to our customers based upon your specific project situation and needs as it relates to our Architectural Division products.

Option One: 1 Year Warranty

A 1 year warranty which states that our products will meet our manufacturing specification as time of manufacture. If indeed there is an instance where a product is "out of spec" we will replace it within one year of purchase with proof of purchase. There is no charge or further work on your part for this warranty option. Simply contact Polyguard Architectural Division within one year of purchase, present a Polyguard invoice and share with us the issue with our product.

Option Two: 5 Year Material Warranty

Polyguard Architectural Division offers a 5 Year Material Only Warranty on several of our products. Please read, agree to and follow the "Material Warranty Requirements for Standard 5 year Material Warranty" In addition we ask the applicant complete fully an "Application for 5 Year Material Product Warranty Registration Form." We recommend that this be done near the conclusion or after completion of your project since we will be asking you to provide specific information relative to the Polyguard Products you utilized on this project.

Option Three: Warranty Exception

From time to time under specific circumstances a Warranty may be required that varies from our One Year or 5 Year Material Product standard offerings. We would be happy to assist you with this requirement. However we do request some assistance from you to help facilitate your request. We suggest you complete these activities PRIOR to the start of your project.

1) Please apply to our Warranty Exception Activation Network to receive a Password to enter the network.
2) Once you have received your password please enter the network, review & agree to follow the Warranty Requirements page for your specific project circumstance.
3) Complete and then send us the "Polyguard Warranty Pre- Registration form" (We suggest you do this prior to the start of your project)