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Post-Applied Sheet Waterproofing

The sheet membranes you see described on this page are typically applied after the concrete pour. These products can be used in many vertical and horizontal applications. 650 Sheet Membrane is the product of choice of specifiers and contractors alike due to its many years of proven performance in all types of climates and tough job site conditions.

Underseal® PRM™ Membrane

Underseal® PRM™

Underseal® PRM™ is a strong, self-adhering, 65 mil, post-concrete pour sheet waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder with a double thick, ... read more

  • Strong, self-adhering sheet membrane with a double thick, high strength, cross-laminated polyethylene backing
  • Adheres tightly and permanently to concrete
  • Backing forms a continuous barrier to water and moisture vapor entry
  • Allows for faster waterproofing applications by eliminating the step to install an additional protection course prior to backfilling operations
  • HORIZONTAL - designed for application to horizontal slabs such as parking garages, plaza decks, plywood decks, and related applications where waterproofing is critical
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Above Grade

Above Grade
650 Sheet Membrane

650 Sheet Membrane

650 sheet membrane is a strong, pliable, 60 mil, post-concrete pour self-adhesive waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder that virtually eliminates ... read more

  • Wide membrane allows for fast and easy application to continuous flat surfaces
  • Narrow width material is available for trim corners, construction joints and other applications
  • Cold applied and self-adhered to poured concrete over liquid adhesive
  • Factory bonding assures uniform membrane thickness of 60 mils
  • Formulated for low temperature applications down to 25 degrees F (-4 C)
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Above Grade