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Solvent Based Impermeable Air Barrier

Our patented, single-component Air Barrier product is an excellent solution for your project needs.  It can be installed in the coldest to the hottest of temperature ranges, and is available in low VOC options. Our solvent based Air Barrier provides excellent coverage and is easy to install either by roller or spray, and works well with most commonly used spray equipment on the market.

Airlok Flex®

Airlok Flex®

Thermoplastic Technology is behind the success of our signature Air Barrier, Airlok Flex®. This patented single component, cold liquid-applied, ... read more

  • Patented Thermoplastic Technology Reduces Application Costs & Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Transitional Membranes and Treatments can adhere to it eliminating touchup
  • Single component product eliminates mixing & inconsistent performance
  • Speedy Installation...up to 10,000 sq. ft. a day.
  • Superior UV resistance allows for use on both unexposed and exposed portions of walls
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