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Airlok Flex® WG LT

Air Barrier Systems provide the only effective defense against air leakage and moisture intrusion. Airlok Flex® WG LT (Weather Guard Low Temp) is a water-based, permeable, above-grade air, weather and vapor coating for application over poured concrete, precast concrete, concrete masonry (CMU) and the following types of sheathing: paper-face, glass-face, foil-face, rigid insulation, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). Airlok Flex® WG LT contains a non-combustible, water-based blend of high performance elastomeric acrylic polymers and selected filters with a VOC content of 115 g/l. Airlok Flex® WG LT can be applied in ambient temperatures and on a surface temperature of 20° F (-7° C) and rising up to a maximum temperature of 65° F (18° C).  Polyguard sets the bar high for long term UV resistance with Airlok Flex® WG LT being UV resistant for up to two years.  

Polyguard offers the barrier systems professionals trust for superior performance, unmatched protection and ease of use.  When your project calls for an above-grade, fluid-applied, permeable Air Barrier reach for Airlok Flex® WG LT.



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