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Product Submittals


LM-85 SSL is a semi self leveling two component material that is specifically formulated to be used as a flood coat waterproofing membrane for new and recondition work.  It contains no solvents and 100% solids, is UV stable for up to 3 months, and is a pourable sealer.  LM-85 SSL can be applied down to 25° F (-4° C). Coverage rate is approximately 25 SF per gallon.



650 Sheet Membrane60 mil, post-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder more detail
Balconyguard™60 mil, cold-applied adhesive waterproofing membrane for use on balcony structures covered with concrete more detail
Underseal® PRM™65 mil post applied membrane more detail
Underseal® Underslab Membrane85 mil pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor barrier that provides a continuous seal more detail