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Shur-Tac Liquid Adhesive

Shur-Tac Liquid Adhesive is a polymer emulsion based adhesive which is specifically formulated to provide excellent adhesion with all the Polyguard® waterproofing and flashing membranes under many kinds of surface conditions. It is designed for use on dry surfaces to condition them to be dust free so that the substrate is suitable for the application of self-adhering membranes.



more detail
more detail
400 Membrane Air & Moisture Barrier40 mil, 48" laminated self-adhesive sheet membrane designed for air and moisture applications more detail
400 TWF (Through Wall Flashing)40 mil modified asphalt bonded to a polyethylene sheet more detail
650 Sheet Membrane60 mil, post-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder more detail
Balconyguard™60 mil, cold-applied adhesive waterproofing membrane for use on balcony structures covered with concrete more detail
Underseal® PRM™65 mil post applied membrane more detail