Smart Design. Smart Build with Polyguard.


Balconyguard™ is a 60 mil, cold-applied, adhesive waterproofing membrane to be used specifically on wood deck balcony structures that will be covered with concrete.  Our Balconyguard™ System includes custom corner boots for ease of installation and detailing, and to save time and money on the jobsite.  Balconyguard™ is a perfect solution for apartment and mulit-family construction as well as projects with a large number of balconies or decks.  Balconyguard™ 48-inch wide rolls reduce edge seam occurrence by up to 25% when compared to traditional 36-inch wide material and thereby reduces the number of seams necessary.



105-12 Flashing105 mil, strong, pliable self-adhesive sheet flashing more detail
650 LT Liquid AdhesiveUsed to prime all structural concrete, masonry, insulation or wood surfaces prior to membrane installation. more detail
Balconyguard™ Outside Corner Boot60-mil combination of rubberized asphalt and polyethylene for corner detailing more detail
California SealantUsed to prime structural surfaces on which waterproofing membranes will be applied more detail
Detail Sealant PW™VOC./HAPS free high performance solvent-free sealant more detail
LM-85 SSLSelf leveling flood coat waterproofing membrane more detail
LM-95Two-component fast cure urethane waterproofing membrane more detail
Polyflow® 18High Compressive Strength Sheet Drainage more detail
Shur-Tac Liquid AdhesivePolymer emulsion based adhesive to provide excellent adhesion of self-adhering membranes more detail