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Product Submittals

650 LT Liquid Adhesive

650 LT Liquid Adhesive is a rubber based adhesive in solvent solution which is specifically formulated to provide excellent adhesion with the Polyguard® waterproofing membranes under many kinds of surface conditions. It is designed for use as a primer for all structural concrete, masonry, insulation, or wood surfaces on which waterproofing membranes will be applied, and can be installed on applications down to 25°  F (-4° C).



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400 Membrane Air & Moisture Barrier40 mil, 48" laminated self-adhesive sheet membrane designed for air and moisture applications more detail
650 Sheet Membrane60 mil, post-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder more detail
Balconyguard™60 mil, cold-applied adhesive waterproofing membrane for use on balcony structures covered with concrete more detail
Underseal® Blindside™ Membrane73 mil, pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane used for vertical positive side waterproofing more detail
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Underseal® Underslab Membrane85 mil pre-concrete pour waterproofing membrane/vapor barrier that provides a continuous seal more detail