Smart Design. Smart Build with Polyguard.

PRO 1000 Fluid-Applied Dampproofing

U.S. Patent No. 5624714
U.S. Patent No. 5736197
U.S. Patent No. 5482737

PRO 1000 is a patented, single-component, cold-applied, non-elastomeric, non-breathable, thermoplastic membrane.  It dries to a UV resistant, re-coatable hard coat protective film that stops water passage through a substrate.  This feature allows for durable and maintainable protection from rain and melting snow in the area between ground and the exterior finish.  It is designed for use in positive side hydrostatic pressure applications.  It can also be used as a vapor impermeable coating on the inside of a below-grade wall when the outside of the wall has either been water or damp proofed with this or other Polyguard material.

PRO 1000 is designed for application over poured concrete, precast concrete and concrete masonry below-grade walls.  For designers wanting maximum protection, Proban® mold inhibitor can be added at the factory to provide additional contact mold-inhibiting properties to the dampproofing system.  This product is also available in low VOC options should that be required.




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